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開発者 Easymind

iNTRO can introduce you to another. It is your unique, personal and private introduction toolallowing you to share a private profile with the added ability to connect you in yourimmediate location.* The original location-based introduction App * Connect with an attire-based search* Share a private profile* Who you connect to is controlled by you * No social media links* Text chat function* Maintain your privacy and personal space* Keeps your personal number privateHave you ever been in a situation where you’re interested in someone you can see? You might face the problem that they are with someone and you’re trying to work out if they’re partnered or not. Or, you see someone, on their own but they appear unapproachable. iNTRO will come to your assistance giving you the opportunity to find out if that person may be interested in you.
You don’t have to be actively seeking a relationship - you may just want to stumble upon a friendship or to find someone with similar interests. When we are interested in people we just don’t know, initially, what is ‘that certain something’ which is interesting us. Sometimes it is their appearance but quite often it can be their display of intelligence, aptitude or expertise in particular subjects. Whatever that is which attracts you, iNTRO gives you the opportunity of fulfilling your curiosity without appearing too ‘full-on’ or ‘forward,’ especially if this is not your character anyway.
iNTRO is a brand new and original concept – the more people use it, the more useful the app becomes. The best way to get the most out of iNTRO is to make sure you share it and encourage your friends and acquaintances to download the iNTRO app. When the majority of people have the iNTRO app tool its ability to connect people discreetly and privately will be phenomenal. You’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world or in your close vicinity and be assured iNTRO will give you the opportunity to meet new and wonderful people.